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Fresh Deli for Bath and Body Stuff
Here at Fresh deli, our aim is to make washing, bathing and pampering more natural and fun! We have carefully cooked up some fabulous lotions and potions for the bath, body, face, feet, hands and hair which are We have developed a special range of soaps for the on-line deli.

Bath and Unwind for Bath and Bodycare
Luxury bath and spa gifts for women, delivered worldwide. Packaged in fine, perfumed packaging, the recipient experiences total pleasure from opening to using. Our products are carefully selected to be high quality items that make excellent gifts.

The Bubble Shop for Bath Bubbles
Letís face it we all need some bubbles in our lives, one way or another, and the bubble shop is all about fun products that make you feel good and entertain you & others. We are continually building on our incredible range of bubble products Ė everything from champagne to bath time goodies, bubble toys, games and gadgets. Many of the products make ideal Christmas gifts and stocking fillers, or are perfect for a little personal indulgence.

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